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About StoneCreek Partners

Commercial Real Estate, Hospitality and Entertainment Consultants
AEC is affiliated with StoneCreek Partners LLC.

As an introduction about StoneCreek Partners, we represent owners for asset management, transactions, design-development, and acquisitions due diligence.   Our advisory work is based upon our direct industry experience developing and operating commercial real estate, hotels, and entertainment projects and facilities. We provide due diligence and feasibility analysis for acquisitions and to-be-built developments, and represent owners in design-development management and asset management.


Since our founding we have worked with indigenous nations around the world, honing our approach to the sensibilities of local cultures, religions, and history.   As well, we support clients interested in investing and managing pursuant to environmental, social, and corporate governance investing (“ESG Investing“).

Real Estate Advisors

About StoneCreek Partners Experience

Shopping Malls & Retail Districts
About StoneCreek Partners and shopping centers

Our work has included regional and community shopping malls, as well as neighborhood, grocery-anchored, big box power centers, lifestyle centers, and urban entertainment venues.    We are involved with retail centers in unique settings, including mixed-use, redeveloped, and repurposed facilities.


In this era, the focus of our client work has been in exploring new roles for retail assets, effectively moving the traditional shopping mall ever closer to its destiny as part of everyone’s “location-based entertainment” definition.     Some repurposing is possible with simple re-tenanting tactics while other situations require retrofitting and redevelopment (regeneration).  For more information about StoneCreek Partners and our work in the retail industry, click below.

Hotels & Destination Resorts
About StoneCreek Partners

From destination resorts, to landmark city hotels, to highway budget and economy properties, our client work has included the array of lodging product types.   Recently, we have taken on client projects involving glamping and other unique stay accommodations.


Mixed-Use Developments
About StoneCreek Partners

Our work includes overall mixed-use and multi-use facilities, as well as particular components of such.  We are well aware of the unique issues and opportunities that come when the project format is highly vertical.


Office & Industrial Buildings
About StoneCreek Partners and office-industrial properties

Our client work has included general-purpose office buildings and parks, flex-tech industrial and purely industrial facilities, and corporate campuses.  Over the years we have also gotten involved with tech incubator venues, and various new ideas for collaborative, “hotel-ed” and co-work space dating back to the early days of Fegen Suites (Los Angeles).


Master-Planned Communities
About StoneCreek Partners and master-planned communities

Our work with master-planned communities (MPC’s) has primarily included large-scale developments, many of which have included golf courses by name professional golf architects.   Although our focus has been on feasibility, planning, and build-out issues, we have also been involved with acquisitions such as the purchase of Banning Lewis Ranch from the Resolution Trust Corp. on behalf of a Saudi-owned family office.


Residential Projects
About StoneCreek Partners and residential real estate

Our work with client residential projects has included affordable housing, subsidized housing, luxury homes and condominiums, and “resort residential” products.   Some of the projects have been situated within master-planned community enclaves while others have been in urban and downtown settings.


Senior Housing Facilities
About StoneCreek Partners and senior housing and care

Our work with clients involved with senior facilities includes most of the venues included in integrated “continuum of care” communities, including independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, and hospital care facilities.   We have an internal product development initiative exploring wellness and placemaking factors in design and operation.


C-Store Fueling Stations
About StoneCreek Partners and c-store fuel stations

Our work with client c-store/fuel station projects includes feasibility and design-construction management of particular facilities, as well as strategic planning matters related to such facilities in a master-planned community or portfolio setting.   We are also involved with the selection of wholesale fuel suppliers and contract agreements related to convenience store gas stations.


Expert Witness & Litigation Support
About StoneCreek Partners and expert witness consulting

SCP’s Donald Bredberg acts as an expert witness for real estate, hospitality, and entertainment development matters.   Our staff has supported pre-litigation research and positioning efforts as client’s consider or react to legal perils.


North America Region
About StoneCreek Partners - North America

Our North American clients include public- and private-sector organizations throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.   We include our Caribbean and Hawaiian clients in our Caribbean Rim and Pacific Rim client lists.  As a company, we are also pursuing our own Owned & Managed projects in the region.


Tribal - Indigenous First Nations
About StoneCreek Partners - Tribal Nations

Throughout the world, we work with indigenous tribal “first nations” which have unique sovereignty issues.  In the U.S. this includes Native American pueblos and tribes, and indigenous Hawaiians.   Outside the U.S., tribal nations come in many forms and we bring a sensitivity to the unique issues involved.


Caribbean Rim Region
Caribbean Development Project Consultants - Due Diligence for Resort Acquisition

Our Caribbean work has included client projects in Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, Jamaica, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.   We have also supported client acquisition screening an analysis elsewhere in the Caribbean Sea region including Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.


Pacific Rim Region
About StoneCreek Partners - Pacific Rim

We work regularly with client projects in Pacific Rim countries, as well as with Pacific Rim companies that develop and operate outside their home base.  For more about StoneCreek Partners and our work in the Pacific Rim, please click below.  Thank you for that.

China - Hong Kong SAR
About StoneCreek Partners - China

Our work in China has included client projects in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Xi’an, and in the Hong Kong SAR.  We have also assisted PRC-based clients with their U.S. and Sub-Saharan Africa business matters.    Our experience throughout China dates to 1998 and our involvement in that year with Universal Studios Experience Beijing.


Middle East - North Africa
About StoneCreek Partners - Middle East North Africa

Our MENA region client work has included client matters in Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.  Our experience dates to 1989, when SCP’s Donald Bredberg assumed leadership of asset management and development for the real estate and hotels portfolio of Al Anwae and Al Tameer trading establishments of Riyadh and Jeddah, respectively.


Sub-Saharan Africa Region
About StoneCreek Partners - Sub-Saharan Africa

Our work in Sub-Saharan Africa is primarily in Ghana and Nigeria, although we have supported clients elsewhere in Africa, including Uganda, South Africa, and Mozambique.   As a company, we are also pursuing our own Owned & Managed projects in the region.  For more about StoneCreek Partners and our work in Sub-Saharan Africa, please click below.  Thank you for that.

European Region
About StoneCreek Partners - European region

Our work in Greater Europe has primarily involved projects in France, Spain, and Montenegro, although our support of client acquisitions has also included the U.K. and Germany.  SCP’s Donald Bredberg had his first European project involvement as a member of the project planning team for the Marne-la-Vallée new town development (Euro Disneyland) outside of Paris, and some years later was involved in real estate acquisition matters as part of helming real estate matters for the Saudi family office of Al Anwae and Al Tameer.


Public Sector Assignments
About StoneCreek Partners - Public Sector

Our public sector work includes federal (national) government clients, and local and regional governments and agencies.   Throughout the world, we work with indigenous tribal “first nations” which have unique sovereignty issues.


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