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Owner Representation

Owner Representation for LBE, themed entertainment, and attraction projects.
Owner representation for project concepting and development.

We provide Owner Representation for LBE Projects, also known as location-based entertainment, including themed attractions.   Our support can begin with project feasibility exploration and initial concepting, and proceed through design management, construction, and pre-opening matters.   We have provided such services for hospitality, entertainment, recreation, and commercial real estate projects.


Although we can provide the full span of services, we are often retained to represent a part of the design-development process.  We frequently represent owners during the feasibility and initial concepting stages, to explore and confirm design intent, site organization, and capital budgeting.

Owner Representation for LBE Projects, a/k/a location-based entertainment and themed attractions
We act as owner representatives for project conceptualization, design management, and construction, in collaboration with StoneCreek Partners LLC

In providing owner representation for LBE projects, we bring an extensive knowledge gained as themed entertainment consultants, outdoor recreation specialists, and hospitality developers.    We have acted as consultants and designers, and as project developers on behalf of client organizations.  For the management of outdoor recreation projects we operate through GoBOLD Adventures, a joint venture with SEAS / Pangaeon Corporation.   Likewise, for the management of creative and production facilities, we operate through Monumental Studios – a New Mexico-based studio services group.

Project Experience
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