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Adventure Entertainment Cos. creative services for location-based entertainment & attractions, and CRE
Consumers everywhere expect the new, the fresh, the different. Always.

The Adventure Entertainment Cos. (aka, AEC Creative, or simply AEC) is about the making and operating of destination places.  Since our formation in 2013, our work has grown to include rapid-prototyping of consumer experiences, whether for brand promotional purpose, events, traveling exhibits, or permanent facilities.  We often provide rapid-prototyping for projects as part of feasibility evaluation for StoneCreek Partners’ client projects, to assist clients in visualizing project possibilities and establishing design intent.


AEC draws from “best practices” experience not simply in entertainment, but in the retail, resorts, and recreation industries, even wellness facilities. Our partners are a multi-disciplinary group, with decades of facilities management, design, construction, and investment banking experience.  Our AEC management group has worked together for years prior to the formation of AEC, in the U.S., in China, Europe, the GCC, and in Sub-Saharan African. AEC partners have helmed operating groups, and owned their own construction, consulting, and design firms.  AEC was formed in November 2013, an independent affiliate of StoneCreek Partners LLC (SCP) and a spin-off of SCP’s entertainment practice.

Affiliated Companies

Creative Design & Consulting Services

Film Studios & Backlots

Adventure Entertainment Cos. (“AEC”) works with film studio developers, owners, and operators in evaluating stage, digital hub, backlot, and production service opportunities.   Recent studio involvements include Park City (now Utah) Film Studios, Camel Rock Studios,  and Wuxi Studios, as well as new opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Retail-Entertainment Facilities

We have been involved in operating, design, or consulting to some of cutting-edge guest/shopper offerings in the retail-entertainment industry.   We are often asked in to situations where a client is wants fresh solutions to staging, technologies, and niche customer interests, to generate more footfalls and resonating experiences.


Gaming and Casino Resorts

Adventure Entertainment is also about gaming resort concepting, in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Macau, as well as in select U.S. regional markets including tribal casinos.   We’re not gaming experts but we do understand the role that leisure-time entertainment plays in attracting gaming visits, extending length of stay, and encouraging repeat visits.

Outdoor Recreation Venues

Outdoor recreation is sometimes the forgotten anchor of out-of-home entertainment, but it is very much part of the great leisure time industry.   We get involved in site selection, feasibility confirmations, and updating recreation offerings to encourage greater participation by core enthusiasts and new adopters.


Adventure Parks & Extreme Sports

Something more about Adventure Entertainment, we are involved with “adventure park” projects, including site selection, conceptual design, and operator selection.   Some of these upcoming projects include some of the more extreme sports and recreation activities that are possible with this format.

Themed Entertainment & Attractions

AEC brings a long experience with themed entertainment and attractions, dating to our principal’s involvement in the design-build-operate of Universal Studios Experience Beijing, our own Donald Bredberg’s helming of Universal Studios’ CityWalk and urban entertainment business unit, and scores of projects since then.   We believe we bring a unique “pragmatic creativity” to our out-of-home entertainment assignments, steeped in feasibility and build-ability issues as well as the creative.

Traveling & Pop-Up Exhibits

Adventure Entertainment is involved with ideation and design for exhibits that will travel to museums, science centers, shopping malls, and movie theaters.   Some of our work has involved product concepting for “pop-up activations” by film studios and consumer product companies.


Event Design & Production

About Adventure Entertainment – while it is not a primary part of our business, at the request of clients AEC has taken on event design and production, including the overall producer role.   This has included fashion runway galas, major project groundbreaking and openings, and house show prototyping.

The Horror Company

In joint venture with Spectral Creations LLC led by Joe and Linda Camarota, Adventure Entertainment provides specialty products, design, and consulting services to the horror, haunting, and Halloween industry.   Our products in development range from traditional out-of-home horror offerings, to compelling new augmented reality and virtual reality immersions.


Rapid Design Prototyping

We provide a rapid-concepting capability to the project feasibility work of StoneCreek Partners, to enhance an Owner’s capability in team building and setting design objectives.  It is a pre-visualization service similar to how the film industry explores scene filming possibilities for upcoming projects.


Location-Based Entertainment LBE

Our experience includes branded LBE such as Universal’s CityWalk facilities, fashion-related LBE such as the house show program at Fashion Show Mall Las Vegas and The Zone at Glendale Galleria, film-related activations to accompany film theatrical releases, and active recreation venues such as Adventure Parks and extreme sports resorts.


Recent News and Posts

Our Services

Experiential Design

Our Adventure Entertainment guest programming and experiential design work begins with an exploration of the “end user” motivations.


Where the experience involves a place, we consider the end-user’s “trip motivation” as essential as well as what other experiences compete for a guest’s attention in a particularly day-part, week-part, or season-part.  These days, consumers are inundated with in-home and out-of-home activity options.


Placemaking has become a wonderfully multi-faceted subject, propelled by successful tactics in so many places.


In addition to these “best practices,” we are advocates of monetization considerations, so that great places are sustainable without local government funding support.   Monetization sensibilities can also encourage private-sector enthusiasm for placemaking.

Rapid Prototyping

Taking “lessons learned” from the film industry, Adventure Entertainment has created 3d and v/r previs tools that are integral to our feasibility, ideation, and product concepting process.


This “rapid prototyping’ of early design helps project teams in considering without the initial investment in experiential design becoming precious.   As well, 3d illustratives are more understandable than 2d diagrams.

About Adventure Entertainment

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