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Feasibility Consulting

Project Feasibility Consulting for Attractions, Location-Based Entertainment, and Outdoor Recreation.
Project Feasibility Consulting for themed entertainment and attractions.

With our project feasibility consulting we bring a realism to our work as a a result of our having managed design, development, and facilities management.   We are involved in land development, commercial real estate, hotels and resorts, and location-based entertainment facilities and projects.


Our project feasibility consulting work is prepared for landowners, investors, lenders, venture partners, and public sector agencies, in evaluating the viability of acquisitions, new development, and repurposed assets.  Projects are feasible when all parties to a development or transaction see positive results from their particular points of view.  This includes the private owners, investors, municipal players, tenants, and local communities.


We’ve developed real estate as senior executives for real estate portfolios, and we’ve acted as asset managers and direct facilities managers for particular properties.    We’ve secured entitlements and permits, we’ve handled tenant leasing programs, capital improvement programs, hotel and commercial property management agreement negotiations, franchise selections, and the like.    We understand the details that make projects successful.


Some of our more specialized work as project consultants has been in the area of designated Opportunity Zones pursuant to the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.   Opportunity Zones are intended to stimulate economic development and job creation, by providing incentives for long- term investments in low-income neighborhoods.


StoneCreek Partners' work as project feasibility consultants.

The Adventure Entertainment Cos. provides support to themed entertainment and attraction projects.

Project Experience
  • Feasibility Study for Hotel Project
    Feasibility Study for Hotel Project

    Feasibility study for hotel project at LAX in Los Angeles, including market analysis, a relative order-of-magnitude (“ROM”) capital budget, facilities......

  • Strategic Planning Consultants - project feasibility consultants
    Microbrewery Feasibility and Business Plan

    As strategic planning consultants for this proposed new business, StoneCreek Partners supported client exploration of best means “meet the market.”......

  • Consultant for Mixed-Use Development
    Consultant for Mixed-Use Development

    Consultant for mixed-use development to be located in the Niagara region of Ontario, including feasibility analysis and conceptual design.  The......

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Project Feasibility Consultants

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