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Experiential Design

Project experiential design consultants for the Real Estate, Resorts, and Entertainment industries
Scripting the Guest Experience

We act as project experiential design consultants for real estate, hotel and resort, and location-based entertainment facilities.  Experiential design is about exploring what people “get to do” when they arrive at an out-of-home experience, and scripting how these activities might be offered an unfold.   Sometimes sequentially, sometimes more ad hoc.


Scripting is a valuable process; seeing the experience from a customer’s point-of-view, in as many dimensions as can be identified.   And in addition to sights, sounds, smells, temperature, wind conditions, sun/shade, personal security, comfort factors, and the like, there is also how these experiential factors relate to each guest’s expectations.   Sometimes we work with regard to facility repurposing and sometimes related to design input for to-be-built developments.


There are ever-increasing options for a consumer in their leisure-time, there is much more to be done in meeting and exceeding expectations.   With social media allowing instant reviews by any consumer at any moment, getting it right every time is the order of the day.   As well, project experiential design consultants are addressing factors in creating places that encourage wellness, particularly at senior facilities.

Project Experience
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