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Location-Based Entertainment Designers, Consultants and Owner Representatives
The Coming Evolution and Adaptation in Location-Based Entertainment

As location-based entertainment consultants and developers, we’ve been involved in the array of out-of-home venues and activities that can be considered part of the industry.


Some of our experience includes branded LBE such as Universal’s CityWalk facilities, fashion-related LBE such as the house show program at Fashion Show Mall Las Vegas and The Zone at Glendale Galleria, as well as film-related activations to accompany film theatrical releases.   Our work as location-based entertainment consultants includes active recreation venues such as Adventure Parks and extreme sports resorts.


As some background, so-called “location-based entertainment” or simply LBE, has been in popular use for almost 30 years.   A first popular surge of the LBE term occurred in the mid 1990’s when Universal Studios, Sony, Disney, and so many themed (many branded) restaurant and retail venues hit the out-of-home marketplace.   Over the last several years, the term “LBE” has had another surge as venue operators of free roam (out-of-home) virtual reality have come to market.


In actuality, if a common definition of location-based entertainment is considered, the loose term actually dates back to organized place-based entertainment in the late 1800’s and the pleasure gardens of Europe before that.   We’ve of course not met the consultants for those pleasure gardens of the 1800’s but we understand they were terrific location-based entertainment professionals.


Other terms used that are similar to LBE in aggregating out-of-home leisure-time options include “retail-entertainment,” “theme or themed entertainment,” and the term, “leisure-time industries” that was particularly popular in common usage in the 1970’s and early 1980’s.   To track the various variations in product concepts and the wonderful creativity in a great many of them, we maintain the LBE Timeline available on this website.   As consultants to the location-based entertainment industry, we’ve found it helpful to watch these innovations.  Every so often, some true innovation does occur.


Some of our experience acting as location-based entertainment consultants is provided below:

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Location-Based Entertainment Consultants

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