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Placemaking Consultants & Designers for the Real Estate, Hotels and Resorts, and Entertainment Industries
Great moments, great memories, that's what great places are all about.

StoneCreek Partners pursues project design with a placemaking consultants’ perspective.   Consumers, guests, patrons, will return more often to gathering places that resonate to them in some way.


There are many tools for the place maker.     It begins with the activities, the things a guest gets to do when at or about the public space.  But the place making process includes every aspect of the what can be perceives – the sights, the sounds, the smells, the temperature, wind, these all factor in to the guest experience.


We pursue monetization strategies that can fund sound placemaking.   Or at least defray some of the capital and operating costs of terrific place-making.   At Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas, the placemaking strategy included the largest EASIL staging system ever placed in a retail center environment.   The staging system and an ancillary private commercial network throughout the mall, certainly was intended to drive footfalls to the new addition of this super-regional mall.   But at the same time, the elaborate fashion runway staging system also created at sense of place in that area of the mall.  A place of special events and unique gatherings.


Placemaking Consultants - Location-based entertainment technology used in placemaking

Augmented reality tactics allow what were edges to gathering places, to inhabit the place.

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