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Mall Consultants

Consultants and designers for shopping malls, retail districts, and mall entertainment
Retail Districts and Shopping Malls

Shopping mall and retail consultants, for facilities requiring re-tenanting, redevelopment (regeneration), and/or adaptive-use.   Our work has included regional and community shopping malls, as well as neighborhood, grocery-anchored, big box power centers, lifestyle centers, and urban entertainment venues.    We are involved with retail centers in unique settings, including mixed-use, redeveloped, and repurposed facilities.


In this era, the focus of our client work has been in exploring new roles for retail assets, effectively moving the traditional shopping mall ever closer to its destiny as part of everyone’s “location-based entertainment” definition.     Some repurposing is possible with simple re-tenanting tactics while other situations require retrofitting and redevelopment (regeneration).  Throughout the industry, shopping mall assets are under major evaluation and in many cases major redevelopment and repurposing is the right approach.


Shopping Mall and Retail Consultants

Shopping malls and retail in general are an industry in major transformation, in response to changes spurred along by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Some examples of our work as shopping mall and retail consultants, are provided below:

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Malls and Retail District Consultants

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