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Design Reviews

Design Review Consultants for 3rd-party architect and engineering plans

SCP Advisors is often asked by clients to review project design plans prior to equity investment or loan funds being provided to a new or re-purposed project. Such design reviews include:


▸ Master plans for large-scale land developments
▸ Planning enclaves for such developments
▸ Floor plans for retail and leisure-time projects
▸ Review for cost-effective space utilization
▸ Retail store leasing plans
▸ Placemaking possibilities


Our experience in such reviews is based on many years managing development for clients and for our own account, and through our work in cooperation with design professionals.


We find the design review process works best with a highly collaborative sensibility among all members of a team, since all those involved want the same kind of success and at times the best solutions are a result of additional consideration of  factors that may maximize performance and reduce implementation risks.


We also get involved with design review for improvements made to operating properties, typically organized by a property management unit as part of an annual operating and capital improvements plan.  In such cases we sometimes stay involved to manage the design, procurement, and installation of such improvements.


In our design review work, while we seek a holistic approach, we admit to having a singular experience on the ultimate customer, whether that is a tenant, guest, visitor, or some other kind of end user.

Contact us for more information, we'll enjoy hearing from you.