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Artificial downhill ski and snow tubing slope

Artificial Downhill Ski & Snowtubing Slope

Confidential Client  |   A conceptual design was rapid-prototyped for a mixed-use destination resort, so that the artificial (outdoor) downhill ski and downhill snowtubing slope would act as the “big idea” focal point of on-site guest activity.  The outdoor slope would be all-weather, using one of the new artificial snow sports surfacing products such as Briton Engineering’s Snowflex®.


Liberty University (Lynchburg, Virginia) covered a downhill slope on Candler Mountain in 2009, creating Snowflex Centre.   The application was one of the first in the U.S.


Artificial downhill ski slope

For a mixed-use project in planning, shown here is a preliminary (rapid prototyping) look at how the artificial downhill ski and snowtubing slope might be situated within the overall massing of the site and the organization of various land uses.




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