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Events Producer

Event Producer for design, sponsorship, and event-day production.
Event Design and Production

As a special events producer, our creative affiliate AEC takes on event design and production.   This has included fashion runway galas, major project groundbreaking and openings, and house show prototyping.   We’ve also been involved in the design and production of team-building sessions as part of company go-aways and retreats.


We’re familiar with the latest consumer technologies that can be integrated with an event experience.   Virtual and augmented reality are excellent immersive experiential additions to event design, particularly when meeting and event participants skew younger.


Our experience as a special events producer also includes circumstances where companies may desire a strategic planning retreat that also provides a team building sensibility and a particularly memorable (fun) takeaway experience.   Our role for such events can include acting as an overall retreat facilitator, helping to propel the experience to the desired company objective.


Special events designer and producer

Special events can be memorable and rather special, whether the event is large with many attendees or in a more intimate gathering.

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Special Events Design & Production

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