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Loveland Church New Campus

Cascade Events LLC, an affiliate of Loveland Church  |  At the time of its visioning, Ontario Arena is envisioned as “Southern California’s Premier Event Center,” a dedicated facility to be purpose-built to host sports events, concerts, meetings, social events, conventions, and private parties.  Integrating inspiring architecture and attractive landscaped grounds, the facility was expected to takes its place as one of the great places of the Inland Empire.


StoneCreek supported Cascade Events LLC in the ideation, planning, experiential design, construction costing, and overall business planning for a 140,000 sq.ft. inspirational events campus to be located in Ontario, California. The event complex would also serve as the home of Loveland Church, a major religious community based in the Inland Empire region of Southern California.  The events campus is conceived as a place for public gatherings, special events, and entertainment, as well as an inspirational setting suitable to host the Loveland ministry. The project’s design derives its inspiration from the natural properties of water and water’s biblical associations. The main auditorium, combining inspiration aspects of both cathedrals and great theaters, was dubbed the “catheatre.”


Cascade Pavilions will be located in the City of Ontario, California, providing a strategic setting within a community generally-acknowledged as the ?gateway? to the Inland Empire, and a location that is also in close proximity to the heart of the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area. Cascade Pavilions will be located within two miles of Ontario International Airport and within several blocks of Ontario Mills, the region?s predominate regional shopping and entertainment center.


Cascade Pavilions is a project of Cascade Events, LLC, a limited liability company (?Cascade Events?) sponsored by Loveland Church. Cascade Events will act as developer and operator of Cascade Pavilions, legally and operationally separated from Loveland Church. In addition, Loveland Church will act as a master tenant pursuant to an exclusive use agreement, to Cascade Pavilions, consolidating its various worship and inspirational activities at the facility. Loveland Church will occupy certain space dedicated to the congregation?s exclusive use, and with select rights to non-exclusive use of the overall event center facilities and proscribed facility purchase rights.


Cascade Pavilions, while thoroughly an inspirational location, will at the same time be a facility that will be adaptable and usable for general-purpose events, gatherings, as well as commercial entertainment, and recreation venues. In fact, the facility, as detailed in this Business Plan, will be a special event place with an extraordinary means of competing in the regional event marketplace, due to its soaring and inspirational design, and its flexible facilities plan.


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