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The Horror Company
Be Afraid, be Very, Very Afraid.

We provide specialty products, design, and consulting services to the horror, haunting, and Halloween industry.  The Horror Company is an Adventure Entertainment joint venture with Spectral Creations LLC led by Joe and Linda Camarota.  Adventure Entertainment’s participation in this venture was initially inspired by the Camarota’s experience and passion for this subject area.


We’ve come to appreciate how this company and the niche genre it serves, is a large part of U.S. seasonal activity as well as an “evergreen” aspect of the film industry.   Nationwide, the Halloween industry itself is an estimated $9 billion business; not too bad for a seasonal activity especially since this estimate likely does not fully account for the indirect multiplier of enthusiasts’ expenditures on related items and activities.


Hollywood makes a significant portion of its box office each year from horror films.   Although Halloween and horror films are just the latest in an age-old storytelling tradition.   “… the telling of horrifying tales is as old as the human capacity to telltales. The modern horror film is merely the latest form of such story telling …  .” (Weaver & Tamborini).


Our products in development range from traditional out-of-home horror offerings, to compelling new augmented reality and virtual reality immersions.

The Horror Company

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