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Retail Entertainment Consultants supporting shopping mall repurposing, main street re-tenanting, and new concept development
The out-of-home marketplace is extremely competitive; consumers have a lot of options for their leisure-time.

As retail-entertainment consultants and designers, we have been involved in operating, design, and consulting to some of cutting-edge shopper offerings in the retail-entertainment industry.  We are often asked in to situations where a client is exploring fresh solutions to staging, technologies, and niche customer interests, to generate more footfalls and resonating experiences.   StoneCreek Partners’ retail-entertainment experience includes site acquisition, due diligence, feasibility analysis, deal structuring, and asset management of such centers.


Consumers today have a wide array of places where they can enjoy their leisure-time including retail centers, restaurants, nightclubs, museums, family entertainment centers, theaters, sport facilities, theme parks, themed attractions, themed entertainment, museums & science centers, among many others.  We have also seen a return to urban entertainment districts, historic districts, and the “great streets” of vibrant urban locations. To a varying extent, all these places compete with each other as alternative experiences for a consumer’s time and attention.  They have choices!


In general, today’s consumer, from child to retiree, has experienced high quality live performances, movies, restaurants, and especially, theme parks. This is increasingly true even on a worldwide basis. Each person, each “end user” in this vast “theme park generation” is a sophisticated master of his or her own lifestyle and increasingly technology-savvy.  This is the challenge in consulting for retail-entertainment, how to keep things fresh for the ever-demanding consumer.


Retail-Entertainment Consultants

There are “lessons learned” from place-products of the past. Sometimes what’s old is new again!

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We refer to this place-based competitive marketplace for a consumer “time at play as the simply the “leisure-time industry” – an old term, actually.  This great convergence of consumer expectations has also been characterized as being a part of the overall “experience economy.”    The location-based entertainment industry is a part of this leisure-time industry.


Despite such sophistication, as retail-entertainment consultants we believe it is straightforward to figure out what consumers are after: During each person’s leisure time, enjoyment of their personal time with children, parents, extended family, spouse (or girlfriend/boyfriend), and friends and associates, is the whole point. We all want to seek or feel satisfaction with the quality of our relationships and the quality of our leisure-time experiences.


We’re quite literally in the “shared” experience business, a part of the Experience Economy.

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Retail-Entertainment Consultants

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