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Family Entertainment

Family Entertainment Consultants and designers for family entertainment centers.
Looking for means to adapt the entertainment format for sustainable growth.

We work as family entertainment center consultants, focused on ideation and new product concepting, along with project feasibility.   Evaluating the feasibility for new development is a core part of our business.


We are also involved with outdoor recreation in designing new recreation adventure parks.  We see commonality between the two products as they each evolve.


Over the past year we acted as owner’s rep for a new virtual reality venue from Japan which included a limited-menu cafe – with some group business overlays.  We’ve come to view these free-roam, out-of-home V/R emporiums as next-generation FEC’s.   Although FEC’s have included V/R games in their arcades for awhile now, the free-roam (The Void, Dreamscape, Tyffon) operators offer a significantly more exhilarating experience.


Family Entertainment Center Consultants

We managed the former All-American Sport Park (Las Vegas) on an interim basis, where team-building was a primary customer segment. The family entertainment center was at one time the host facility for the city’s Corporate Olympics’ closing ceremonies.

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Family Entertainment Center Consultants

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